If you have a player record on the site, don't forget to check out the player profile update page for information on updating your player profile!

So you want to update your player profile? Well it is relatively easy. We just need to make sure that the person attempting to update the profile is you. For now, this process is handled manually by contacting us via the contact form with what information you want for your profile.

Here is a list of information we are always looking for:

Here is a list of information available for your profile: username is required for player profile updates. Once you submit your first confirmed profile update, we will associate your username with your profile so further updates will not need verification as long as they are submitted while you are logged in.

Bonus! Once your username is associated with your player profile, your user profile will be updated as a "Verified User" and will adopt your player profile image and provide a link to your player profile. Check out Warahk's user profile for an example.