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Event: Evolution World Championships 2018
Game: Dragon Ball FighterZ
Platform: Playstation 4
Total Participants: 2579
Date: 08/05/2018

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Match Winner Loser Score Video
W Sonic Fox moke 2-0
W Fenritti ACQUA 2-0
W GO1 KnowKami 2-0
W Kazunoko Reynald 2-1
W Sonic Fox Fenritti 2-0
W GO1 Kazunoko 2-0
W Sonic Fox GO1 3-0
L Dogura Souji Pending
L Supernoon Alioune Pending
L Yutta Nakkiel Pending
L kubo mokemoti Pending
L moke Dogura 2-1
L Supernoon ACQUA 2-0
L KnowKami Yutta 2-0
L kubo Reynald 2-1
L moke Supernoon 2-0
L KnowKami kubo 2-0
L moke Kazunoko 2-1
L Fenritti KnowKami 2-0
L Fenritti moke 2-0
L GO1 Fenritti 3-1
G Sonic Fox GO1 3-0
G Sonic Fox GO1 3-0