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Event: Capcom Cup 2017
Game: Street Fighter V: Season 2
Date: 12/10/2017

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66 bracket(s) sorted by least recent update

User Bracket Winner
TheNarnold Punk
GTOAkira41 Tokido
UltraDavid Punk
rafasouza92 Xian
abab Punk
Raidajeff Fuudo
DefSetting Tokido
Skai Tokido
FreeTacos Itabashi Zangief
MCush Tokido
mrfr1day Punk
sivartauhsoj Tokido
KelleighReflet Tokido
TXhex Tokido
Hassun Itabashi Zangief
maxltj Tokido
spabobin Tokido
ThunderSlash Kazunoko
UltraChenTV Punk
kwanzai Tokido
kumojaki Tokido
Sheldon Punk
BrosephJest Punk
n0thingman Tokido
robotfreakout Punk
MagnesD3 Dogura
onisan Kazunoko
nanashi Tokido
Rexpro02 Tokido
Scirocco Punk
moist Kazunoko
JackMcDuff Punk
Akudesyn Tokido
Dominion Punk
doogo530 GO1
Ilikebugs Tokido
Warcloud Verloren
Masterspark Dogura
WildGoose Tokido
Monokerros Nemo
LiterallyOnlyUpsets Snake Eyez
Jonrick Tokido
veltayne Tokido
MightyShriek Tokido
ViewtifulNick Tokido
Aberus Dogura
Forsooth Dogura
GonzoSmoke Tokido
MaxDemian Punk
iPodschun Dogura
Waggs The Beast
SoiLen Tokido
thegametwok Gachi-kun
bL1k yukadon
YamantakaSFV Punk
REveningstar The Beast
PlacidChocobo Tokido
PraiseTheChun Punk
ChillyPhilly415 Kazunoko
ctrlfmuffin Punk
FSLink Punk
jockay Punk
Freezard Fuudo
hugonaut Punk
sonoftheheaven Phenom
burnnotice Punk