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Event: Capcom Cup 2016
Game: Street Fighter V
Date: 12/03/2016

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User Bracket Winner
MaxDemian Infiltration
MisterTails Infiltration
ahjing100 Gamerbee
dvd Momochi
ChillyPhilly415 Infiltration
osf Nuckledu
spabobin Nuckledu
bennok Infiltration
captaingordon Infiltration
Sajam Tokido
iantothemax Tokido
boxcarsteve Nuckledu
bobkotor Nuckledu
won3d Tokido
TGS Gamerbee
samuraiblackNZ Infiltration
greylorn Nuckledu
Redemont Infiltration
delbuster Sakonoko
szkn Fuudo
Raidajeff Tokido
jchensor Tokido
nanashi Nuckledu
UltraDavid Nuckledu
StarvingGamer Nuckledu
Sakisaur Nuckledu
HeyItsDale Nuckledu
SAGA Tokido
allllaboutyou Tokido
forthisgift Nuckledu
rakuko Nuckledu
rafasouza92 Fuudo
Vathriz Fuudo
EggSighting Nuckledu
paopao33 Tokido
REveningstar The Beast
Antiquarian Tokido
cbens00 Fuudo
BeachyKeen Tokido
vander Momochi
sivartauhsoj Xiaohai
Wobanger Nuckledu
Udhe Infiltration
owkenny Nuckledu
Andrestellez Tokido
Marlow Fuudo
Dzeng814 Infiltration
sasuke7532 Infiltration
badatgames Gamerbee
Clueless313 Nuckledu
212Matador Nuckledu
maxltj Tokido
zBurningBeez Xiaohai
azack Xiaohai
stumpfacekanon Nuckledu
Velius Nuckledu
TommyDunns Tokido
Slof Momochi
SenseiEnrique Haitani
hugo Fuudo
SeaDragon Momochi
thefabulousj Infiltration
ecchichuu Tokido
Deadliefoe Nuckledu
rocknye Tokido
Elyzon Momochi
Uluvarick Nuckledu
AwesomeMelvin Momochi
zepcheese Infiltration
DJMalady Nuckledu
Skai Tokido
Nelly Infiltration
YamiFarmer Nuckledu
MajinBuukake Infiltration
PlacidChocobo Momochi
zerosystem02 The Beast
Hyper Tokido
igotdembombs Nuckledu
loz12001 Tokido
Rinzler Tokido
flexcoolbeer Infiltration
Saykin Nuckledu
Hiku Infiltration
BrosephJest Tokido
WildGoose Tokido
fjveca Infiltration
burnnotice Infiltration
Hieisan Tokido
NaCl Nuckledu
jen92 Infiltration
animatic Infiltration
tmquintana Infiltration
CommanderPepper Nuckledu
doogo530 The Beast
321slash Nuckledu
mattallen386 Nuckledu
arodt Tokido
brazenwolfy Infiltration
TatsMcGee Momochi
thegoldencat Xiaohai
VictorE17 Nuckledu
n0thingman Infiltration
dame The Beast
aodsnarf Tokido
Bogglyy Fuudo
TatsuShoryu Nuckledu
MrGestureJail Tokido
jccharifa Tokido
Kurokiba Nuckledu
baozer Tokido
ellicky Nuckledu
royale05 Nuckledu
LUEshi Nuckledu
crayhefner Tokido
PyongyangDotGov KBrad
nicktanella Nuckledu
hakaana MOV
Spribula Tokido
ngreen Infiltration
OceanFrank Tokido
t13 Tokido
rpratcorona Nuckledu
ShigityShank Nuckledu
junglefever Infiltration
dtjmelons GO1
ctrlfmuffin Nuckledu
Taybartemes Fuudo
GeoKenshin Tokido
SneakersSO Nuckledu
Calcninja Nuckledu
WickedSwami Xiaohai
fatalwing Tokido
chunkymunky Nuckledu
jaxin Infiltration
hanzochop Momochi
alb247 Infiltration
Scamp Fuudo
oranges Tokido
Goodfella2279 Tokido
hugonaut Infiltration
brzrkr0 JWong
RustyScribbleS Infiltration
ArkticDark Nuckledu