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These are the 25 players with the most matches in the database. Keep in mind this is not the 25 best players as someone who stays in the winner's bracket has fewer matches than someone going through the loser's bracket.

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Name/Handle # of Matches Team/Sponsor Location Website Twitter Twitch
JWong (Justin Wong) 751 Echo Fox California, USA @JWonggg jwonggg
ChrisG (Christopher Gonzalez) 639 Evil Geniuses Los Angeles, California, USA @NYChrisG nychrisg
Tokido (Hajime Taniguchi) 444 Echo Fox Okinawa, Japan http://www.tokidoblog.com/ @tokidoki77
PR Balrog (Eduardo Perez-frangie) 349 California, USA @PR_Balrog pr_balrog
Sonic Fox (Dominique McLean) 347 Echo Fox Delaware, USA @SonicFox5000 zsonicfox
Xian (Kun Xian Ho) 327 Razer Singapore @XianMSG
KBrad (Kenneth Bradley) 311 Evil Geniuses USA @KBradJStorm KbradJStorm
Filipino Champ (Ryan Ramirez) 299 Splyce Union City, California, USA @fchampryan fgtvlive
HelloKittyRicky (Ricky Ortiz) 298 Evil Geniuses San Jose, California, USA @HelloKittyRicki HelloKittyRicki
Infiltration (Seonwoo Lee) 296 Razer South Korea @INFILTRATION85 infiltration85
Kazunoko (Ryota Inoue) 278 Japan @kazunoko0215
The Beast (Daigo Umehara) 275 Red Bull Japan http://www.daigothebeast.com/ @daigothebeast daigothebeastv
Momochi (Yusuke Momochi) 270 Echo Fox Tokyo, Japan http://www.momochoco.net/ @momochi212
Nuckledu (Du Dang) 267 Team Liquid Tampa, Florida, USA @LiquidNuckleDu nuckledu
Gamerbee (Yu lin Hsiang) 246 Zowie Taiwan @GamerBeeTW gamerbee
Luffy (Olivier Hay) 245 Red Bull France @Louffy086
Di3mini0n (Kevin Landon) 243 New York City, New York, USA @Di3mini0n
Fuudo (Keita Ai) 242 Japan @hashibirofood
Bonchan (Masato Takahashi) 217 Red Bull Japan @katitagaribon
Prodigal Son (Ryan Hart) 202 London, England http://www.ryanjosephhart.com @RyanJosephHart ryan_hart
Snake Eyez (Darryl Lewis) 202 Red Bull California, USA @Snake_Eyez_ snake_eyez_
Mago (Kenryo Hayashi) 199 Japan http://ameblo.jp/magotto3/ @magotto3
Xiaohai (Zhuojun Zeng) 198 Qanba China @Xiaohai_ Gachi-kun
RayRay (Raynel Hidalgo) 168 Panda Global USA @RayRay19wun rayray19wun
Nemo (Naoki Nemoto) 167 Tokyo, Japan @GOOD_NEMO