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In an effort to make this website's name both easier to remember and clearer as to what the site actually is, Maxoplata.net is now FGCBattles.com!

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Welcome to the FGCBattles.com Top Player Database.

This purpose FGCBattles.com is to keep an online record of highly skilled or veteran players matches. This database contains the top four or top eight players/matches in invitational and major events, and top eight or sixteen for Evo. FGCBattles.com does not offer players or characters rankings.

You can choose any event listed to see the tournaments that were held at that event, aka game listing. From there you can view the brackets/results and player profiles. You can also search for a specific player via the search bar within the menu.

I am always looking for more detailed results from past majors/events, so feel free to contact me to submit links or database corrections.

One more thing!</uncle> Being a programmer, I am not much of a designer. Hence the extremely plain look of the site. If anyone would like to help with the design of this project, please reach me via the contact page.

10 Latest Videos Event Game Date Added
The Beast (Daigo Umehara) vs Tokido (Hajime Taniguchi) Kemonomichi 2 SFVAE 03/11/2018
Yuyu vs TANUKANA Kemonomichi 2 T7 03/11/2018
Kotaka Shoten vs Ito Kemonomichi 2 ST 03/11/2018
JDCR (HyunJin Kim) vs Mr. Naps (Jimmy Tran) NorCal StrongStyle 6 T7 02/25/2018
Pling vs Mr. Naps (Jimmy Tran) NorCal StrongStyle 6 T7 02/25/2018
Rickstah vs Pling NorCal StrongStyle 6 T7 02/25/2018
JDCR (HyunJin Kim) vs Mr. Naps (Jimmy Tran) NorCal StrongStyle 6 T7 02/25/2018
Rickstah vs Trungy NorCal StrongStyle 6 T7 02/25/2018
BKC vs Pling NorCal StrongStyle 6 T7 02/25/2018
Rickstah vs Jackller-Bancho NorCal StrongStyle 6 T7 02/25/2018

Upcoming Events Start Date End Date
Northern California Regionals 2018 03/30/2018 04/01/2018
Canada Cup Master Series 2018 05/11/2018 05/13/2018
Toryuken 2018 05/19/2018 05/20/2018
Combo Breaker 2018 05/25/2018 05/27/2018
Community Effort Orlando 2018 06/29/2018 07/01/2018
Evolution Championship Series 2018 08/03/2018 08/05/2018

10 Latest Events Start Date End Date
Final Round 2018 03/16/2018 03/18/2018
Canada East Championships 2018 03/09/2018 03/11/2018
Kemonomichi 2 03/09/2018 03/09/2018
Winter Brawl 12 02/23/2018 02/25/2018
NorCal StrongStyle 6 02/10/2018 02/11/2018
Evolution Japan Championships 2018 01/26/2018 01/28/2018
Genesis 5 01/19/2018 01/21/2018
Frosty Faustings X 01/19/2018 01/20/2018
Kumite in Tennessee 2018 01/05/2018 01/07/2018
Geico Gaming MvCI Invitational 12/21/2017 12/21/2017